Meet Your Battle Company Soldiers

Meet members of the Battle Company ready for a patrol

Meet members of the Battle Company ready for a patrol.

The video below show a lighter side of our heroes, It shows that they are human and, when not at work, like to have some laughs to pass the time, since time is all they have. Please enjoy.

Thank you, Pfc. Steven LeMaire, and your dad, Frank LeMaire, for the videos – keep ’em coming! 🙂

Here’s a note for all of you from one soldier’s father:

Hello Battle family.

My name is Frank LeMaire, father of Steven and the maker of our son’s videos. Most of the heroes featured in the videos are from second herd, simply because that is Steven’s platoon and those (soldiers) are the contacts that have provided pictures for me to use. I always ask permission to use these pictures.

What I would like to ask of the rest of the company family is to help me gather photos of soldiers from other platoons. I have more videos on the way and would like to feature other soldiers. Have them e-mail me at and use “re:battle boys” so I’ll know what it is for.

Thank you and thank God for our heroes.