More Battle Company soldiers are home!

Nov. 12, 2012 – Another group of Battle Company soldiers arrived back home at Joint Base Lewis-McChord today.

Perry Williams is re-united with his family on Nov. 12

Perry Williams’ daughter and her sign.

Sueann Teixeira welcomes home her dad, Kevin Teixeira

The smile on Sueann Teixeira’s face says it all as her dad, Pfc. Kevin Teixeira, came home from his deployment in Afghanistan today.

2 thoughts on “More Battle Company soldiers are home!

  1. I was wondering if i am able to get the pictures on this article. I just came across it and noticed the pictures wouldnt upload on my computer. I would love to see the pictures captured when my husband came home. thank you.

    -sueann teixeira

    • Send me a note with your contact info, Sueann, and I’ll put the photos on a DVD for you. Hopefully, you are still in the Tacoma area,

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