They’re coming back … HALLELUJA

OCTOBER 28, 2012 — This morning we received the best news any of us have had in a long time: the first group of Battle Company soldiers set foot on the paving of McChord’s airfield.

During the new few weeks the remainder of the soldiers still on the ground in Afghanistan will complete their final field missions and finish packing up their gear so they can begin the long trek back to the United States. Obviously for security purposes, their travel plans are not announced but this first group of returning soldiers is a sure sign that their deployment is ending.

After landing and turning in some gear, the soldiers were bused to a gymnasium where they formed up behind a curtain and stood at attention while first the only things folks could see was their boots,

Finally – the troops!

… then their Multicam uniforms

… and then their faces were facing family members for the first time in a year.

Finally – boots on the ground at home

After a few formalities, the troops were released to the shouts of joy from their families and friends.

Morgan Marklin Jr and Loni Walter (left couple) and Alexis and Chris McGinty (right couple) when they came home

Morgan Marklin Jr and Loni Walter (left couple) and Alexis and Chris McGinty (right couple) when they came home

Now the Flechsig family (Sgt. Adam, 6-month-old Jack, and Natalia) is whole. That’s what this day was all about.

No comment necessary other than a couple of ‘amens’

Not long after the arrival activities were over and he was settled, Spc.Justin Walker called to be sure he could come to the Montgomery house and reclaim his car (we’ve been taking care of it and a lot of other soldier stuff during the deployment). He brought along one of the unit’s medics, Pfc. Uriel Velazquez.

So we did what any proud parent/partner would do – we took them out to dinner at the nearby RAM for anything they wanted to eat and the infamous Mile High ice cream dessert. Best time of the years. As other soldiers connect with their local partners, they can expect more joy-filled dinners too.

Welcome home guys. Thanks for all the hugs.

(For those whose soldier wasn’t in this group, fear not for he will be here soon. As the rest of the troops, return, their arrival will be featured here as well so check back frequently.)