Battle Hymn of the Republic

A Tribute to the Battle Boys

“Many a men and women have fought and died to give me the right to express my gratitude in the way of these videos. These men here are the future of our once proud warrior nation. This song is what our nations core and values once used to be. Where is that now?

Battle Boys please help bring it back. God bless you and America.”

Frank Lemaire, father of Pfc. Steven Lemaire of the Battle Company

After watching the video, the mother of another Battle Company soldier (Pfc. Justin Pilla) posted this comment:

“Hope everyone watches this video; the last two boys holding their babies can no longer hold them because they paid the ultimate price for us!”

Ivy Walsh Ladyko

Frank Lemaire credits Mrs. Ladyko for being his inspiration for several of the videos he has posted. What a great duo!

One thought on “Battle Hymn of the Republic

  1. Actually Ms. Ivy has inspired the last couple of videos so she should get much of the credit. 😉

    (NOTE: ‘huntermeaux08’ is videographer Frank Lemaire, also the parent of a Battle Company soldier. They make a great duo on our suppport team.)

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