Why do our volunteers support Battle Company soldiers?

Sometimes our volunteers get frustrated when they pray for – or prepare care packages for – their soldiers.

The work of preparing packages or writing letters, for example, is a pure labor of love and never qualifies as hard (although sometimes, it’s expensive).

Most of the time our soldiers do not respond in any way after receiving letters or packages.

We understand: they are busy fighting a war. But nevertheless, not hearing from them becomes a frustrating silence.

And then comes a note from one volunteer, Carol McQueen, of Aberdeen, Washington:

Hello Jerry:
I just wanted to take this time to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to pray for someone who has become very special in my life, the soldier I have been and will continue to pray for (Sfc. Troy Jensen). I feel so privileged to be able to do this. Thank you again. You and Ruth are in my prayers also.
Carol McQueen

And then there is former KOMO-TV news photographer, Bryan Hollowell, who just keeps on making and sending cookies to his soldier, Pfc. Michael Commons.

Bryan hasn’t heard a word from Afghanistan since the project started but that doesn’t deter him in the slightest. He keeps mailing cookies and he continues to pray for Pfc. Commons.

Atta Boy, Bryan!

Being there for someone when they need someone is at the heart of Christian ministry.

Keep it up folks, our soldiers are still in Afghanistan … and they are still fighting a war for us.

One thought on “Why do our volunteers support Battle Company soldiers?

  1. Thanks , Jerry, it is good to have the reminder that these kids are really busy and doing an important job and that without any feed back there is no knowing if our thoughts reach them or not. I will keep going on my efforts. I tell everyone I see what we are doing for these young folks with a lot of pride. I imagine their enjoyment when I send a package. It is wonderful to hear that they are thinking of us too. Judy

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